Rascal Radio Personal Development App


The world's first customizable personal development radio station now available to you to help hit your fitness & health goals and achieve success in every area of life

Everyone knows the basics of what it takes to get healthy. Clean eating and exercise, fewer calories in than calories out, don’t eat a cheeseburger every day. So if it really is that simple, then why aren’t people getting the results they want?

That answer is also simple: they don’t train their minds. 

Think about it – every reason why you’ve been unable to achieve a goal or a task is purely mental. You fell off track, lost motivation, couldn’t stay disciplined, hit your goal but fell right back out of it, didn’t create those lasting habits, let the busyness of life pull you away from your goals. 

The only way to achieve success and sustain those results is to focus on your mental fitness. EVERYTHING else will follow. Period.

What kind of value would it be worth if you finally found a way to:

  • Complete every workout program, meal plan or challenge you attempt
  • Gain more confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • Reach higher levels of success in every area of life
  • Set big goals, stick to your plan, and achieve them

Sound too good to be true? Not at all. After over a year of plugging into Rascal Radio daily, myself and thousands others have achieved every single thing on that list. 

This is not another pill, not another shake, and certainly not another fad diet that just masks the actual root of the cause for a short period of time. 

This is all about targeting the source where all actions, all habits, all thoughts, and all successes originate – your mind.

Now don’t you think that your success is worth just $0.40 a day? Because for just $12 per month, all of the information you need to lead your most successful life in and out of the gym is included in the Rascal Radio app.

Customize your stations by subject, speaker, or both, and simply listen in as you go about your daily activities. Think of all the value you could be adding to the things you’re already doing like cooking, cleaning, lifting, commuting, showering.. the possibilities are absolutely endless.  

Check out more information & sample audios in this link

How To Get Started

  1. Create account HERE 
  2.  Enter your Profile Address and Add Credit or Debit Card on the next page
  3. Check the two boxes, then complete your purchase. ** Remember to come back to this page after**
  4. Download the Rascal Radio App either by searching “Rascal Radio” in the app store, or by clicking the App icon in the first frame of this link
  5. Login with your newly created Username/Password
  6. To ensure you have successfully registered, you should see Rascal Radio under My Subscriptions when you go Your Profile –> Your Subscriptions –> My subscriptions


Cancel at any time. Cancel within your first 30 days and you’ll get refunded 100% of your purchase guaranteed.

The app will ask you for a referral code if you download the app prior to creating an account. If this happens, the referral code is 61634196. In order to fully register, you will then create an account, login with your newly created credentials, then head to Your Profile –> Your Subscriptions –> scroll to the right until you see the Rascal Radio option –> click Subscribe –> add in payment info and confirm your purchase

This is just one of many subscriptions in the full suite of products. Upgrade to Total Personal Development to get an even more expansive library of audios, videos, audio books, blog posts, podcasts, interviews, trainings, financial literacy and more.