Rascal Radio Personal Development Radio Station


The worlds first customizable personal development radio station. Listen, learn, and grow from life changing information for every area of life. Whether you want to FINALLY hit those fitness goals, break through that plateau, progress in your career, improve your finances, develop better relationships, or to simply live out a happier, more purposeful life, you’ve found your fix.



The world’s first customizable personal development radio station now available to you to help not only hit your fitness and health goals, but to also take giant leaps forward in every area of life.

Access Rascal Radio by “purchasing” Rascal Radio on site, then click on the “Rascal Radio Order Link” after checkout to download the app.

Rascal Radio is $12 per month after the initial 7 days. That’s just $0.40 per day to get all of the information you need to lead your most successful life in and out of the gym!

The “Rascal Radio Order Link” after checkout will lead to the detail page to download the Rascal Radio App. Once prompted after the app is downloaded, use code 61634196 in order to access the content.

A second option is to scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Subscribe” – then create a free account for 7 days of free access.

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