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This no-equipment fitness program is all you’ll need to get in great shape, SHRED the weight, and boost your energy. This program is great for anyone who

  • Doesn’t have access to a gym
  • Travels often
  • Is low on time / have a busy lifestyle
  • Lacks motivation to get to the gym
  • Wants to lose body fat & shred their body head to toe
  • Needs guidance & structure at the gym
  • Wants both a fun & challenging plan to follow 

Other important details include:

  • 8 weeks long
  • Workouts scheduled for 5 days a week
  • No equipment needed
  • For women & men of any fitness level
  • Each workout lasts between 30-40 minutes
  • Every feature included in the physical workbook
  • Workouts rotate every other week, and every day has a different workout structure for increased variety


Full details can be found here and while you’re at it, check out real client testimonials here!

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