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FIGR: Clean

7 day clean eating guide 

FIGR: Elite

12 week strength training program

FIGR: Shred

8 week no-equipment program

FIGR: Lean

8 week basic strength & HIIT program

Client Testimonials

I feel as though I've tried a lot of different programs (like BBG) and I just don't see the results that your plan has to offer. I cannot express how happy I am with everything you offer to all of us in the group! Your plan has improved my body & mentality about sustaining a healthy relationship with my body & I think that outweighs whatever I see on a scale. So THANK YOU!!!
FIGR: Lean
I'm OBSESSED. FIGR: Elite is honestly the best program ever. I missed lifting more than I knew! I'm loving every second! You did GREAT with this!
FIGR: Elite
I'm feeling more confident, I am feeling like I'm getting stronger already! Working out has really became a priority. This was the motivation/structure I needed. Honestly this has changed my life.
FIGR: Lean
Words cannot express how great I feel about myself. I have struggled with eating disorders and stressing about how much I weigh since I can remember. With your help, for the first time in my life I LOVE my body and could care less about what the scale says. I have so much confidence in myself it is unreal. I cannot thank you enough for helping me love my body and getting me in the best shape of my life.
FIGR: Lean
You've been helping my fitness journey since 2014 and I can't thank you enough! Your daily motivation helps so much and you have absolutely changed my life back around for the better.
FIGR: Lean
Overall this program is AMAZING! I have never been able to finish a program before so the fact that I was motivated to finish this program is huge!
FIGR: Shred

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