Complete your FIGR purchase

You're almost there!

Complete the following steps to receive your FIGR program and access your new mental fitness audios through Rascal Radio.

Step 1

Register for your new mental fitness app, Rascal Radio, in the link below. Complete all the steps to fully register:

1) Create Account

2) Add Profile Address

3) Choose a Payment Method

4) Check the 2 boxes, then Place Order. You should get a confirmation message following the completion of these steps.

Make sure you return back to this link download the app! This link will also be available in your email. 

Step 2

Download the Rascal Radio app by using the link below and clicking on either the App Store or Google Play button that shows immediately upon opening the link. Must be using your mobile device (not a laptop) to access your content.

Step 3

Once the app is downloaded, login with your newly created credentials to access your brand new library of motivational content! 

Step 4

Once you are officially logged in, the PDF version of your FIGR program will land in your inbox within 24 hours. Your physical workbook will arrive in the mail within 3-5 business days.


You will not be able to access your FIGR program until these steps are achieved

For any questions, please email me at