Hey hey! My name is Katelyn Scrivano. I’m 23 years old. I grew up in Brighton, MI,  graduated from the University of Michigan with a major in Exercise Science in 2017, then went on to earn my Masters of Management Studies degree at Duke University in 2018.  So you can pretty much call me a nerd. I started KateScrivFit in October of 2017 and have been absolutely loving all the positive response from you all! Some other facts: I have 2 younger brothers, a younger sister, wonderful parents, an awesome boyfriend and amazing family and friends. Fitness is my thing. Traveling is my drug. I’m sure you’ll see both of those a lot throughout my posts!


I started a fitness Instagram account back in 2015 and fell in love with helping, influencing and motivating others to make their health a priority. Being a college student, I especially loved helping other students find ways to incorporate healthy eating and activity into their lives. In other words, I think the freshman 15 and the whole “you’re supposed to get fat in college” thing are a bunch of BS. As I started finding more and more healthy recipes and awesome workouts, I realized that starting a blog would be an awesome way to create a library of recipes, workouts, motivation, tips, and much more. So here we are now!


This page is not for me. I could keep all the knowledge I have to myself and just go on with my life, but what good would that do. People need to start living the life they deserve and I want to use what I know to help. I 100% believe that putting your health first will improve all other areas of your life. So my goals for this page are:

  • to get people to see that being healthy is not rocket science.
  • to teach busy students/moms/professionals/whoevers to learn how to integrate workouts and clean eating into their lives.
  • to empower the ladies to pick up those weights
  • to highlight some other things in life that I think are awesome (like traveling, adventure, being happy, etc.)

I would love to hear any feedback/suggestions or chat with any of you so don’t be afraid to reach out. Really looking forward to meeting all of you!